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Hi, I'm Karin Kelley! I've been a licensed Esthetician for over 18 years and I would say it's almost been an obsession! I love helping people feel good about themselves, whether it's through holistic skin care or gentle hair removal! Some of my latest fascinations are Dermaplaning  (gently removing fine hairs and the top layer of epidermis with a surgical steel blade!) and Micro-channeling which uses a needle-free tool to gently push serums and stem cells Into the Epidermis! Which is really cool, because most products alone can't really get into the cells, which is where they can do the most good!

I pride myself of being the best wax specialist in town and doing the job very quickly with minimal pain! I specialize in quick brazilians and natural brows.

Starting my own business 12 years ago was very important to me; it allowed me more time to be with my children and it also allowed me the freedom to explore cosmetic chemistry and learn as much as possible about how the skin responds to ingredients. This is one of the reasons I only use safe, organic skin care products.

 Over the years I have also explored hands on healing techniques such as Reiki and The Energetic Facelift and use both techniques in my Customized Facials.


"I love getting a facial from Karin! Total zen experience with super soft glowing skin afterwards!"

Ashley C.

"Enjoyable might not be the right word, but a bikini wax with Karin is probably as good as it gets! She's friendly, professional, thorough, and FAST! She really has it down to an art. I booked my next appointment as soon as she was done, and I'm actually not dreading it!"

Ellen S.

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