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My skincare philosophy has evolved  over the years from working in High End Spa's in Kansas City with no regard for health or the environment, to moving to Lawrence and working in a "green" spa, where the skincare line was nice, but not doing what I wanted; which is RESULTS!

So, I started making organic skincare about 7 years ago because I wanted to blend my knowledge of natural skin care with my desire for result driven products that contained vitamins, botanicals and hydrators along with proven age management ingredients like peptides and stem cells.


Now, after years of searching, I have found ModVellum Skin Care, which is aligned with my views of what a skincare product should be. I am very happy to add them to my arsenal of products and services.

My waxing techniques are simple. I am a professional and the best at what I do. I have many years  of experience and thousands of happy clients over the years. I specialize in quick painless Brazilian Bikini waxing, quick back waxing and natural brows.

Karin Kelley Skin Care

1440 Wakarusa Drive, Suite 400

Inside Rodrock Chiropractic

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